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Reigning On Your Parade: Three Heads Brewing Boldly Presents Big Head Stout

Big Head Stout ReignWelcome to Fall!  And moreover, here's a preemptive Happy Holidays!  Along with the hope that you enjoy our beer this season, first and foremost we hope you enjoy 3HB of good health, with good humor, and in the company of good friends and family.

We're proud to present our 10th beer, our latest seasonal, and first ever stout:  Three Heads Brewing's Big Head Stout.

Keeping things topical, stouts actually (oddly) remind us of the NYC Thanksgiving parade.  Like that time honored tradition, a good Fall stout is a unique, welcome reminder as to the joyous season ahead of us.

Like those hulking balloons, you have your old favorites, tried and true, and revisiting them is always a source of comfort.  Not new, no, not necessarily pushing the boundaries, but something you can always rely upon. A solid fallback with added appreciation at this time of year. Classic.

Then they unveil this year's model.  Bigger, brighter, hipper, highlighting the newest in new, the latest splash, the IT. A few of these modern entries will deservedly become tomorrow's standards.  But many of the newer fare, no matter how grand their stature or current popular appeal, fail to capture the public's imagination beyond  a fleeting interest. They fade out of memory like leaves blowing across city streets (pardon our simile).

We all love that parade.  But three hours in, we're clamoring for Santa to drop trou again.

Don't you pray for that unique moment? That point of instant euphoria when the broadcast cameras hurriedly train in on some unknown commotion, some flurry of activity, and they pan to reveal THAT GUY.  Yes, that stripped down, skinny Skippy-looking fella, who abruptly bursts into the parade procession, breaking through barricades, half crazed but deliberate, emboldened, joyful. Your breathless glee erupts as the frame struggles to catch him, delirious in his own agenda, prancing proudly in nothing but his underwear. He is a KING!, lost in his own happy transgressions.

His actions scream I AM A ONE MAN PARADE, grandiose in its simplicity, bountiful it its nakedness .  Here he is, in the glory of the moment, happily oblivious to the airy, lofty giants surrounding him...or the trail of NYC's finest or security professionals on his heels.

Folks, that's Big Head Stout.  It's not like those traditional standbys.  It's not the flavor of the moment.  It's a beer that draws attention to one thing:  the stout itself.  Not by making it bigger.  Not by doubling this or that (tripling? quadrupling? duaoctogintupling?).  Not by tossing in an orchard or candy factory, or baking a bundt cake into it.

But by doing exactly none of that.

How about a foreign style stout with native, deep tones, one that goes all-in solely on its core components?  Big Head Stout draws out the smooth nature of the malts, offers mature notes of caramel and dark chocolate unearthed through roast, and finishes dry and crisp for a refreshingly honest delivery.  No candy canes (that requires candy canes).  No banana notes (that requires bananas).  It's the embodiment of that impromptu one man spectacle:  proud, simple, refreshing, and thusly grand and bold in its stripped-down execution.

How simple. How radical.

Enjoy the season, enjoy yourselves, and enjoy Three Heads Brewing's Big Head Stout, our stripped down, full bodied, parade-of-a-beer foreign stout. Available everywhere you love to find our beer.


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