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Cobbs Hill Black Lager Demands Exploration

Ninth 3HB Entry is The Official Beer of Rochester Real Beer Week

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It's been a wild spring, to say the least.

First, Three Heads Brewing squarely hit you with Common Man Special Lager, a most uncommon California Common-style beer.  The crisp yet sweet tones of Common Man set it aside from your run-of-the-mill-lager, while its noticeable hop punctuation on the backend brands this a purely 3HB crafting.

Now, to completely mess your notion of a lager, we proudly present Cobbs Hill Black Lager.

Welcome to summer.

To the average drinker, the lush, murky hue may evoke concerns of an overly complex, weighty pour, much too lavish for a light summer palette.  Fear not as Cobbs Hill, at least in this regard, plays like its style: lighter, accessible, engaging.   At 6.0 ABV, it appears very much like a session lager.  Careful: you could find yourself besting more than a few in a sitting.

For the seasoned beer fan (and/or a doubting enthusiast), to feature a black lager as a summer drinker might imply sacrificing presence for accessibility. Sorry to disappoint, but Cobbs Hill unveils a rich complexity you don't always find in the style.   Roasted tones hiding the balanced touch of chocolate prevail but #9 also finishes fast, smooth and silky.

And most un-Three Heads like:  no sight of that trademark hops bite.  Nothing like kicking off your summer with a bit of a surprise, huh?

Perhaps it's no coincidence that this beer, the Cobbs Hill Black Lager, serves as the Official Beer of Rochester Real Beer Week.   Just like the curious, insectine explorer adorning the front label of the bottle (available soon at finer retailers near you), so too is a beer loving public rediscovering this part of Rochester legend, seeing it from a whole new perspective.   And Cobbs Hill Black Lager pushes the point, making you reexamine what you typically expect in a summer beer, what you expect in a lager.

In terms of the Real Beer Week, it's not that Rochester is now suddenly enjoying a beer renaissance.  The tradition, the knowledge, the enthusiasm for the craft of beer has always been here, a great reservoir of passion.  It's a full-on renewal, with a new generation of brewers and enthusiasts emerging from the wilderness.

We're thrilled to be blazing the trail with you.  Enjoy Rochester Real Beer Week, the terrific beers on display from our fellow brewers, the businesses who bravely support us, and our newest creation, Three Heads Brewing's Cobbs Hill Black Lager!

Most of all, thank you for making this all happen.

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